30th Street Area

February 20, 2013

In July 2010 the Boise City Council directed CCDC to undertake a robust planning and stakeholder engagement process to address how elements of the 30th Street Area Master Plan could be financed, what other entities needed to be involved in implementation, what projects would be a priority and why. To that end, in Fall 2010 CCDC organized a Steering Committee, chaired by Senator Chuck Winder and James Birdsall and consisting of the heads of Boise City departments, representatives of the Ada County Highway District, housing and social service agencies active in the area, utilities, two neighborhood associations, and commercial property owners.

The Steering Committee met over the course of 18 months to draft recommendations about how to implement the 30th Street Area Master Plan and on how to improve the area. The Steering Committee discussed the role of urban renewal in its implementation recommendations. Additionally, since January 2012 the CCDC Board of Commissioners has discussed the issue in depth, asking its staff to move forward in drafting an urban renewal plan and, at their June 15th meeting, recommending the boundary for a district. On June 19th the City Council reviewed CCDC’s recommendation and agreed to the direction being taken by CCDC.
The CCDC Board of Commissioners approved an urban renewal plan for the 30th Street Area, including provisions for use of tax increment financing, on August 29, 2012. CCDC submitted the 30th Street Area Urban Renewal Plan to Boise City on September 4, 2012. The Boise City Council held a public hearing to consider the urban renewal plan and creation of an urban renewal district, including provisions for use of tax increment financing, on November 13, 2013. Upon holding three readings of the ordinance to adopt the 30th Street Area Urban Renewal District, the Boise City Council adopted the ordinance creating the district on December 4, 2012. The 30th Street Area Urban Renewal District became effective January 1, 2013. CCDC has committed to begin implementation of the Urban Renewal Plan immediately, including supporting Boise City’s efforts to develop new zoning regulations for the Main-Fairview Corridor and construction of physical improvements to the area.

An overview of the circumstances and events leading to the drafting of the urban renewal plan is here. A link to the City of Boise's 30th Street Area web page is here. More information is available at right.