Parking Rates

Public Notice 2017 Proposed Rate Changes

Current Daily Pricing:

Hourly: first hour free, $2.50 per hour
Daily: $12.00 maximum
Event: $3.00 – $9.00

Current Monthly Pricing:

Capitol & Main and 9th & Main Garages: $135
Capitol & Front, 9th & Front, Capitol & Myrtle and 10th & Front Garages: $120

Monthly parking rates have increased effective January 1, 2016. The rate package was approved at the December 14, 2015 Board Meeting.

Parking rates in the public garages have remained unchanged since 2008. This rate adjustment was built into the CCDC 2016 approved budget, including the Agency’s Parking Reinvestment Program, which provides needed funds for structural maintenance and system wide improvements. This includes actions such as water proofing, Painting, energy efficient lighting, signage and way finding. These rate adjustments affect less than 1,500 public parking spaces in the six garages owned by CCDC. More details on parking options and monthly rates are available at

Commuteride Options:

ACHD Commuteride offers a variety of resources to help commuters get to and from work throughout the Treasure Valley. Resources include an online commuter matching program ( and personal transportation concierge services (208-345-7665). The best part about these resources is they are free. Whether you are looking to put more money in your pocket, improve your health or simply help the environment, contact Commuteride to take advantage of all the benefits associated with smart commuting.